The Future of Logistics Visualisation

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Businesses are always looking to improve efficiencies and customer experience.

The supply chain is no different. Many product suppliers are looking to transform their supply chains using digital technologies, which in turn is having a profound effect on all the stakeholders within the supply chain.

The Trak-chain platform includes both cloud-based software services and supporting IoT infrastructure to help companies transform their business operations and provide the services and solutions required in the digital supply chain.

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Odoo • Image and Text

The Business

Trak-chain is a business optimisation platform for Transport and Logistics solution within the development of a digital supply chain.

It allows solutions to be developed across all modes of transport, allowing goods to be moved and monitored any where and at any time.

Trak-Chain exploits digital technologies to give a competitive edge.

The System

As world trade develops, huge demands are being placed on the private companies and governmental agencies that provide the infrastructure to support it. We have the expertise and experience to deliver sophisticated solutions that address these needs.
Trak-chain provides the services to efficiently co-ordinate the supply chain. It helps you protect goods and supports your management activities.
Trak-chain enables you to:
  • Reduce risk
  • Monitor goods
  • Manage processes
  • Provide information
  • Address legislative requirements
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